Should we wish to resolve conflicts, we must focus on everything we have in common, not just the things that oppose us. Differences lead to division. Similarities lead to unity.


We are all outsiders depending on where we are looking in from.

Why do we do it?

Social media. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Snapchat. We are comparing our run of the mill with everybody else’s highlights reel.


I don’t find happiness in the things I do. I find happiness in helping someone to achieve the things they once thought they couldn’t.

Ask Why?

Challenge perceptions Challenge stereotypes Challenge the status quo Don’t do the expected thing simply because it is expected. Question. Ask why?

Neither good nor bad

“What upsets people is not things themselves but their judgement about these things.” These words were written by Epictetus, a Roman slave, two thousand years ago, and yet they still ring true today. Events happen, they’re neither good nor bad – they just are. It is our interpretation of these events which determines whether they’re…

Barcelona marathon

Just a little something I wrote in the build up to this year’s Barcelona marathon in which I am no longer competing. I feed off the nervous energy come race day. In the build up, I’m scared. Only on the morning of the race do I realise that everybody else is too. Everybody questions whether…


Recently I have been reading Happy by Derren Brown. Here I’d like to share a short passage from the book, because I believe it to be something worth acknowledging. It’s a strange thought. We take it for granted that happiness is a birthright, a sign of a life successfully lived. We talk about being happy,…


Despite the bravado, I have low self-esteem. When I’m lonely I turn inwards. I don’t talk. I withdraw from the world. I dissociate with life and the things going on around me. I’m sure that it’s possible to read the sadness in my eyes, the emptiness in my presence. I’m not that good an actor….

Drop out

This has not been an easy post for me to write, nor will it be an easy one to share. I have decided to not run the Barcelona marathon in 2 weeks’ time. It would be crazy for me to do so. Neither my body nor my head is in the correct place for me…


I don’t know how to grieve. We’re not taught how to, are we? It’s not on the syllabus alongside algebra and poetry. We have sex education, PSHE/PHSE (I never did know which way that acronym went!), but nothing that gets down to the nuts and bolts of life. That strips everything bare. The need to…


We like narrative. It gives our lives meaning. We are part of something bigger, a greater story is being told. It helps us when we’re dealing with all the mundane, everyday tasks – the knowledge that our life is going somewhere. It helps us to make sense of the world. We look for narrative where…