New Year is the perfect time for reflection. Reflection on the year just gone as well as the year to come. Was 2017 successful? Am I better off now than I was this time last year? Where do I want to be at the start of 2019?

In a nutshell, 2017 was a good year for me. Sure, there were good days and bad days, ups and downs, but on the whole, it was a very good year. I quit my jobs, travelled abroad, worked in Germany, and settled in Barcelona. I ran my first marathon (and now I’m “training” for my second). I improved my Spanish (in all honesty, it was not possible to get worse, considering I have never studied the language before). I laughed. I cried. I experienced everything in between. I met some amazing people, some of whom are now close friends, whilst others have gone their separate ways.


Pffff! Who knows? New Year resolutions? Not really. Nothing drastic. Just to keep doing what I’m doing. Living life in the moment. Enjoying the here and now. Finding happiness within, not from the approval of others.

All the best!



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  1. the bag of nerves lady says:

    Hi Matt, I’m not sure if you remember me – it’s been a few years since I last blogged. Anyway just wanted to say I’m really happy to hear that you’re doing so well x

    1. M_McKeen says:

      Hi, of course I remember you! It’s Sheilagh right? Thank you, that’s so sweet of you to say! How’re you doing? 😊

      1. the bag of nerves lady says:

        It is. I’m flattered to be remembered! I’m not doing too well right now which is why I’m back with a new blog.

      2. M_McKeen says:

        Well I enjoyed reading your posts and talking with you, remembering your name is the least I could do! I wish we were speaking in better circumstances. Is there anything I can do to help? Can I see this new blog?

      3. the bag of nerves lady says:

        Ah you’re still so lovely. Just knowing I have your support is enough. You should be able to read it. It’s just thebagofnerveslady I think

      4. M_McKeen says:

        Awh you’re so kind! And of course you do. Always more than happy to help. I can’t seem to find it, are you able to send me a link?

      5. the bag of nerves lady says:

        I can’t find it half the time either! It should be here: https://thebagofnerveslady.wordpress.com/

      6. M_McKeen says:

        Really sorry I didn’t reply yesterday, was at work and didn’t get home until late. I’m so pleased that you had a good day though. I’ve just followed your blog. Do you have any plans for the weekend?

      7. the bag of nerves lady says:

        Don’t worry about it! My plan is to just make it through and try and look after myself. It’s not going too well so far though unfortunately. What are you working as?

      8. M_McKeen says:

        Sounds sensible. Would you like to talk about it? Do you mind if I add you on Facebook? It might be easier to talk

      9. the bag of nerves lady says:

        Ooh I didn’t get a notification for this. Feel free to add me 🙂

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