We all share in a daily quest for happiness. We have different means of getting there, but we’re all looking for the same destination. Two years ago I wrote the following few lines on this very same blog: “There are no superhumans. Every feels the fragility of life. No one is immune to criticism. We all have hopes, dreams and aspirations. Each of us want to feel love and be loved in return, to take pleasure in our work, and to own a house in which we can raise a family. We’re all searching for happiness.” (you can find a link to the original post here)

These words I still stand by today, but to what extent do our goals come from our culture? How much of what we want to achieve in life is because someone has positioned their goals with ours?

We are all waiting to find happiness in distant future, why can’t we forget that and focus on the things in the present that bring us joy?


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  1. Hey Matt, long time no talk! (it’s Jenna, formerly of the Wishing Well you might remember from awhile ago?) Anyway, I think you raise interesting questions. I feel like I have two sets of goals. One set of goals is completely tied to my culture. Career advancement, the ability to provide for myself according to standards set by my culture, etc. The other set of goals is totally personal. They have to do with my creativity and my inner world (being an introvert). How about you, what do you think your goals are influenced by?

    1. M_McKeen says:

      Hi Jenna, yes I remember! You raise an interesting point. I think, personally, that I am affected by culture…that my goals are influenced by my perception of what is and isn’t culturally acceptable. I have spent too much time trying to align my beliefs with what is expected of me. This is something I’m trying to change 😊

      1. I’m glad you are trying to change it. Your writing shows that you have a lot of wonderful ideas and I hope you explore them. It’s hard not to be afraid of what other people will think if we don’t fulfill our cultural expectations. We just have to find a middle ground somehow.

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