I haven’t been totally honest with you recently. I’ve been hiding something…

I’ve moved. I’ve moved abroad. I’m currently out in Spain, in Barcelona. Why? Well, I’ve flown out here to do a TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) which starts today. If I succeed and everything goes to plan then I’d be staying out here a little bit longer, teaching English to school children. I say “plan” but in reality, I don’t have one.

I flew out last Wednesday, stayed 2 nights Airbnb, and moved in to some more permanent accommodation last Friday. I can’t speak Spanish, I thought I’d be able to pick it up quickly once I moved out here, being immersed in the language. But I’ve come across a slight problem. In Barcelona, they speak Catalan – a completely different language. So it looks like my Spanish is going to be a lot slower to improve.

I’ve spent the previous 5 days exploring the city, and whilst it is amazing, it kinda feels like the loneliest place in the world. Everywhere I look I see couples, I see groups of people, friends, whilst I’m the only one sitting by myself. These days it’s rare to even hear English, as the locals obviously speak a mixture of Catalan and Spanish (fair enough) but I’ve come across very few tourists from back home in the UK so far. Consequently, I haven’t had many conversations with anyone.

It’s safe to say I’m missing home, and the friends I’ve left behind. They feel so far away at the minute. I just wish that some of them could be here with me.



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