Soul searching

We all want to be someone of importance, to be a person that means something to someone. If only to give our own life value and meaning. Each of us want to feel love and be loved in return, to take pleasure in our work, and to own a house in which we can raise a family. You see, it is the connections and relationships that we make that fulfil our lives…or at least my life anyway.

My past, the decisions I have made, the events that have taken place, define me. I am the person I am today because of all that has gone before. Everything has led me – us – to this moment. It is your story now as much as it is mine – you are here reading these words.

We all have faults, flaws and scars. They are etched on our skin, engrained on our hearts, impressed onto our souls. There as proof that we are survivors. Things go wrong. Life doesn’t go to plan. We fall from trees and break our arm, we get lovesick and break our hearts, we lose faith and begin to question who we really are. And in spite of this we are strong, no… because of this we are strong. We have endured all that life has thrown at us up until now; we shall continue to do so with whatever comes next.


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