Our greatest fear

Our greatest fear is that we will be found out. That our friends and family will see behind the façade, the mask we show the world, and we’ll lose them because of it. We fear their judgement and rejection. So we try to hide the truth, to cover it from view, and tell people what we think they want to hear instead.

But we couldn’t be more wrong.

It’s crazy… We live in a world where we’re scared to express how we truly feel to those closest to us. Sure, our friends will see us differently from the way in which they did before, but they’ll see us for who we really are, and admire our honesty and openness.

There is no need to hide behind secrets and lies, yet it is something we all do…





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  1. I love this but some some of us don’t hide”behind secrets and lies” sometimes we hide ourselves from ourselves because the reality of it all scares us and makes us feel more uncomfortable than it would do them, do I make sense?

    Truth is, I wish the truth could be said outloud to the people we know and care about as easy as it is typing it or filming it on a video and sharing it with strangers.

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