Rest & Recovery

I just wanted to start this post with a little update on my marathon training. Race day is now only a month away! I’ve attached a link to my Just Giving page, should you wish to check it out!

Before Christmas, at the beginning of my marathon training, I was running four or five days every week. I was clocking up 20-30 miles. And I was paying the price for it. My knees hurt. My back hurt. My legs were constantly tight. I remember questioning how I was ever going to complete 26.2 miles when I was in such a state at the end of a 6 or 7 mile run.

I didn’t realise that I was going about it all wrong. I needed to rest. I needed to give my body a chance to recover. With each day that I ran, I lost a day of recovery.

Over the Christmas holidays I got lazy, I think I went 6 weeks with very little exercise and no running. I decided that I needed to try something new, so now I run just once or twice a week, and have 5 or 6 recovery days. I swapped the ratio round. And things seem to be going well.

With each run, I am able to run further, longer, and faster. Yesterday I completed 13.1 miles in 1hour 49minutes, and my body feels okay. Yes, it’s a little sore, but that’s to be expected.

The reason I wanted to share this post with you is that I believe my message of rest and recovery is an important one, and one that can be applied to more than just exercise. Life is pretty constant, and sometimes it feels like we never get a break, never get a second to ourselves. There is always something that needs to be done, that requires our attention, that just cannot wait. But I urge you to rest. Give your body, your mind a chance to recover and go again fully recharged.

Rest days are not an excuse to do nothing – they’re an excuse to do all those little things you’ve been meaning to enjoy for a very long time.



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