There is a difference between being alone and feeling alone.

You can have 200 Facebook friends or 2000 and still feel lonely. It simply doesn’t matter. That’s not how loneliness works. You can’t prevent it by just having a multitude of friends. The number of people you know counts for nothing.

The truth is that loneliness does not come from not knowing a lot of people. Feelings of loneliness are born from a lack of meaningful connections. We feel lonely because of an absence of intimate relationships.

It is for this reason that loneliness is often a precursor to poor mental health. We’re social creatures, conversation and companionship is what we crave most.

When did you last feel lonely?


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  1. jadekmoore says:

    It’s difficult to try and think when I last felt lonely. You make a good point about the difference between being and feeling alone and I’m one of these people who really enjoy being alone. I value that time and I can’t think of a moment when I felt lonely recently. Although a couple of weeks ago I went out a couple of times and was very social with one friend in particular, and I guess that after those great nights I got down craving more of it! But that’s the closest I can think.

    1. M_McKeen says:

      I get that too, a slight low straight after an enjoyable time with friends

  2. Good post Matt and I hope you’re doing well!

    1. M_McKeen says:

      Thanks B 🙂 you too

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