On approaching a big decision in our lives, a “crossroad” if you like, we can sometimes become anxious. What if we choose wrong? There are a number of paths that go from this point and we must choose one and only one on which to proceed. But which one? Once we’ve made our decision there’s no turning back – we have to stay on that path until we come to the next crossroad – but there’s no telling how far or long that’ll be.

There are no signposts. We have nothing that tells us what’ll happen along the way. And yet we must still choose. So we study what we can see in an effort to uncover as much knowledge about each road’s destination as possible. But we are not to know that it is all superficial. Some are long and straight, some go winding off into the trees. All of them extend far out of sight. We cannot see where each one goes. Perhaps all the paths lead to the same place? We are not to know.

But maybe we can’t be certain of where it is we want to go either. So does it really matter which path we choose?

In life, we don’t know where each path takes us and we don’t know who we’ll run into along the way, but as long as we keep putting one foot in front of the other, we shall arrive at where we need to be.


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  1. You are so right – there are no signposts! We do our best to find our way through life. You have been nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award:

    1. M_McKeen says:

      Thank you, I’ll take a look! 🙂

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