A lack of authenticity

We are all actors.

We try to portray to the outside world what we believe to be the best version of ourselves – through social media and our everyday interactions. It’s a façade that we hide behind. We try to conceal our struggles from one another in an effort to make out that we’re alright, and that in spite of everything life throws at us all, we are one of the lucky ones; we have things together.

But it’s a lie. We’re all just pretending to be someone that we’re not.

Once we realise this about the people in our life, the sooner we can accept ourselves and the hand we’ve been dealt. Nobody is perfect. It’s just what they want you to believe. Every single one of us has doubts, worries weigh heavy on our minds, and our struggles haunt us too. It’s just we don’t like to talk about it, so we hide it, we pretend it never existed. But it does.

We’re all just acting. There is a noticeable lack of authenticity.


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