Working Together


At the weekend, I attended a conference about some travelling that I’ll be going on in a couple of months time. Throughout the day there were a series of presentations and meetings, but one has stuck with me more than the others.

The very first presentation was from the Head of Operations, and he gave us an extremely in depth review of all the systems in place, designed to protect and help us if things were ever to go wrong.

One example that he gave, was his ability to remove his travellers from Nepal at a moments notice, following the country’s earthquake last year. His story continued, taking pride in the fact that the UK had sent planes over to the Nepal airports to take home British nationals, only to have to return home empty as conditions on the ground were so bad, that people couldn’t make it to the airport in the first place. It was almost like he enjoyed others failure as it reminded him what a good job he was already doing.

Safe to say, I didn’t like him. In a time of crises, once we have saved ourselves and our dearest possessions, should we not help others save theirs?

Life should be about working together to solve our own problems as well as the ones that face others. Successful, efficient teamwork is so much more productive than struggling through life as individuals.


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  1. Another great post, Matt!

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