Swings and roundabouts

Depression has robbed me of a lot of confidence, but it has also granted me the gift of reflection. I’ve lost friends and at times my mind, but I’ve gained in both judgement and wisdom. Depression and anxiety have taught me the harsh realities of life.

My experiences suffering from depression are synonymous with those felt in everybody’s life. It’s been said before, but life is like a rollercoaster. There have been ups and there have been downs. But this has helped me to live my life with perspective. To enjoy the good times when they come around and to remember that the bad days don’t last forever. Just because one day is bad doesn’t mean the next one will be too.

Life is just a balance of good and bad. Some days we win. Some days we lose. I try to live by the saying: we have to experience the bad so that we can appreciate the good.


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  1. It seems awareness is arising in you. The polarities are interdependent (good/bad, happiness/unhappiness, etc). We cannot have one without the other. Namaste.

    1. M_McKeen says:

      I hope so, but progress can be slow at times. Thank you for reading 🙂

  2. Gabriela says:

    That’s an incredible perspective to have and definitely not an easy one when dealing with depression. Bravo to you! 🙂

    1. M_McKeen says:

      Thank you. It’s not something I can always maintain all the time, but it’s an ideal that I strive towards! Hope you’re well? 🙂

  3. carlalouise89 says:

    I nominated you for an award – latest blog 🙂

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