The peak of happiness

My first poem in a long old time, and boy, was it hard to write! In this short piece I’m trying to express a conflict that can burden us all from time to time. And how only a change of mind can have the greatest of effects.

It takes the form of a discussion between two characters. One disillusioned with life and it’s meaning, whilst the other tries to teach life’s lessons.

We can only be happy when we have accepted that the instability of life is her virtue, because at some point in time it will be replaced by the permanence of death. Life has its up and downs but that is what makes it so exciting. Don’t always wait for something better, your life won’t change if you don’t. A lesson, I know that I could most certainly do with learning.

“Life is nothing but a path, a promise of a better time
In a place that cannot be and which we will never find”

“You say ‘Only in death can we attain true peace’
But from its permanence there is no release
This, dear friend, is the Promised Land
Where life is free to play out, unplanned
Yes she might be a broken paradise,
But she has no fairer sister
Try with all your might but I must emphasise
You’ll never find a life richer
Even with her darkness
She is the peak of happiness.”

In all likelihood it’s probably still unfinished, but I thought I’d post it now and maybe rework it a few months down the line. What do you think?


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