A Book Review

I began reading this book in my lunch break at work, and I simply could not wait for my day off so that I could sit down and devote a whole day to it.

In 2005, Dave Cornthwaite set out to cross Australia on a longboard. 6 months later, with his mission complete, he lands a publisher for his first book BoardFree. Dave has caught the bug of writing, and wishes to pen a second book, so as he can legitimately call himself an author. However, being an aspiring writer his social life takes a hit, as he locks himself away at his desk (ie sofa). Dave is somewhat of a recluse, only leaving the house to buy food, but he has reached the time in his life where he believes that he needs a serious relationship and to start settling down. The problem is just like the majority of guys, he can’t chat up girls in a bar

Through-out his life Dave wanted to write a book on dating and relationships, and in his current predicament, he hits upon a winner. His mission: to date 100 different girls in 100 consecutive days. However, one very valuable lesson that Dave soon learns is that ‘endurance dating’ is not the way to find ‘the one’.

It is extremely well-written, funny and very easy to relate to. Whilst some may view this as a fairly misogynistic challenge in the first place, by the end of the book my sympathies lie wholly with Dave, rather than his dates.  You too feel as if you are also taking part in this dating challenge, experiencing the rollercoaster of emotions that Dave went through in his quest for love. I would certainly recommend a read.


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  1. Thanks for writing this review! I agree with you in that from the outside, without reading the book, there could be a concern about potential misogyny. I suppose, whether you’re dating 100 people or just 1, misogyny is still possible, it just depends on how you act towards your dates!

    I hope I didn’t come across as a complete arse!

    A very unmisogynistic (is that even a word?!) (and still very confused about women) chap!

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