The words are different, but the meaning’s the same

This is the first poem I’ve written in a while, as I only write when I think of her. As ever it’s pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy!

The words are different, but the meaning’s the same,
Maybe it’s ignorance, but I can’t quite explain:
What you do to me, how you make me feel,
I offer the key, but you continue to steal;
You caught my eye, then kidnapped my heart,
It cannot be denied, so it won’t restart.
My head still spins, as if a top,
I know it’s a sin, but I just can’t stop
This much I concede, now will you be true,
Did you ever read the words I wrote for you?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. darkdelilah says:

    Being heartbroken is the worst feeling xx

    1. M_McKeen says:

      ha thanks for commenting, i hadn’t read this in absolutely ages!! Yes you’re so right, but we live and learn. It’s easy to get so consumed with it all

      1. darkdelilah says:

        It’s okay. Sometimes I think I’m just living because I certainly am not learning! Xx

      2. M_McKeen says:

        ahh I’m sure you are. Sometimes it’s just about surviving, hanging in there through the tough times. Just because one day is bad doesn’t mean the next one will be too! 🙂

      3. darkdelilah says:

        I agree, just when your in the middle of it it’s hard to know what’s right. He definitely doesn’t deserve anymore of my time it’s just breaking away from it, I always feel so mean xx

      4. M_McKeen says:

        yes I suppose that’s true. I can understand why you would, my advice would be to just be as honest as you can. I’m sure when he thinks about it he’ll appreciate that.

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