I sometimes feel it’s all too much


This past week I have been away with my family in northern France, visiting my aunt and uncle. We enjoyed fantastic food and great days out, bettered only by the weather, which reached an extremely toasty 31 degrees. Perfect for a short break away.

Prior to the trip I had decided to refrain from the use of hand-held electronic devices – namely my phone and iPod – and in so doing, social media sites, which would be easy enough due to the absence of an internet connection. There was one exception however, my kindle, on which I did read several hundred pages. This decision to avoid technology prevented me from using the internet, Facebook, Twitter and even from texting my friends.

I must admit when I am at my lowest, I do find myself repeatedly checking Facebook and Twitter to see what everyone else is up to. Consequently this week has been a little troublesome at times, although for reasons I did not fully expect.

In effect, I had cut myself off from a world where I had anything and everything I could possibly want at my fingertips (that is until my brother had filled me in with the details in the latest sporting events, following my refusal when he asked me to). I needed time to myself, having endured a stressful few weeks, what with exams and the leavers events, at which I said my goodbyes to many peers I know I probably won’t see again.

I don’t mean to sound as if this past week has been life-changing, in the grand scheme of things it was only a week, and it passed quickly on the whole, though I have realised that I must appreciate what I have, including my relationships with certain individuals, more than I currently do.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you a poem (it’s not mine though) that has been a recurring thought this past week, having first read it almost a year and a half ago.

Hope you enjoy. Have a nice day!



Rhys Powys


The teacher said it was Lent.

Didn’t really understand what he meant.


Said it would be time well spent

If we were all to sit for a bit,

Give up the X-Box and the Wii Fit,

For some ‘personal reflection

On our life’s direction.’


Some peace and quiet instead

Of the riot going on in my head.


iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

I sometimes feel it’s all too much

Information at my beck and call.

Don’t know what the heck to do with it all.


Facebook, FaceTime, Twitter, Skype,

MySpace, YouTube – love the hype.

But no one sees me, face to face.

A gloomy room is a lonely place.


No one knows how I’m really feeling

And the status I’m revealing

Is a sham. A lie.

A con. A cry.


Reflection? OK. I’ll try…


Won’t make me ill to have a chill.

Just need a chair, and breathe the air

And count to ten, and if it’s good

Then do it again –


Just give it a rest.

Might be for the best.


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