Indefinite Doubt

It’s another poem from me today I’m afraid. Whilst it isn’t one of my better ones, I still feel the urge to post it. As always, your thoughts and opinions are welcome!

On Saturday I travelled up to Twickenham to watch the Aviva Premiership Rugby Final contested by Saracens and Northampton Saints. It was a great game, and one which I thought Saracens did not deserve to lose. However, my mind was elsewhere for vast periods of the day. I couldn’t stop thinking about the girl I mentioned last time. Although now is probably not the best time, with it being the middle of the exam season, I feel like I need to tell her. Even if it’s just to get it off my chest.

Having been reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes canon, I have come across many phrases that have caught my eye. One of the less well-known ones I can’t help but remember: ‘Any truth is better than indefinite doubt.’ particularly stands out, to me anyway. Whilst it looks fairly innocent, and I’m sure the vast majority of readers would have skimmed over it, those seven words pack a punch. It is something to which I can relate to on a daily basis.

I wrote the following few lines on the train home.


Words and understanding continue their drought,

I remain stuck in indefinite doubt.

The truth hurts me most, I’m going insane,

You’re not really here, the cause of much pain.

You are in my dreams, more often than not,

I awake with screams, as if you’d been shot.

I want to tell you how I really feel

At least then I’ll know what is truly real.

Take my hand and dance, let’s remove that mask,

Just give me a chance – that’s all I ask!

Thanks for reading!


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