The One

Basically, there’s this girl. I like her. Or at least I think I do. There are times when I can’t get her out of my head, but I question whether it is truly her that I like or an idealistic version that I have adapted. It is, after all, our perception of people that guide us through-out life. From another angle, the same situation can look very different. And in truth, as you can see from the rest of my blog, I haven’t been that mentally and emotionally stable recently, and so I have and continue to struggle to understand what I must do. In spite of all this, she has been an inspiration for much of my poetry. One of my favourites, depicting the contradictions that takeover my mind, is posted below.


You’re destined to fall, in my eyes at least;

A beauty so tall, but to me a beast.

Skies crack with thunder, but what might you be?

My eyes see wonder, my mind deceives me.

Elusive and shy, the suspense so great;

Expectations high, I feel a great weight.

Nothing can be done; there is not a cure,

A girl, but The One, of that much I’m sure.

Thanks for reading, and always any thoughts are welcome. If you liked the poem, feel free to check out the rest of this blog!


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