I remain alone, as I start my fall

I wrote this poem a while ago now, but it still applies. Some things, I guess, will never change. It’s a story of open regret, in which the sufferer is aware of his deteriorating relationship with his surroundings, so much so, he begins to summon up the courage to take action. I hope that this is something to which all can relate, and if not, then I hope that it is enlightening to some extent.

No actions commence, no words are spoken,

A list of missed chances leaves me broken;

There is so much I wish I’d said and done.

Crippled by regret I can have no fun.

It has changed me so much I can’t describe:

A shell of man with nowhere to hide

Sits in the corner, his face to the wall.

I remain alone, as I start my fall.

I’m friends with the voices inside my head.

So I can escape my life full of dread.

Another rejection I cannot take,

But no action now will be a mistake;

I’m sure it will be my greatest regret:

One moment that I will never forget!

Thanks for reading! If you liked the poem, feel free to check out the rest of this blog.


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