The Truth

It’s hard to say the words that hurt me most
Instead, I show my pain as if a ghost
I am trapped, I will never be free
On occasion I find it tough to breathe
If I write it down, I feel a bit better
But it’s still not easy to forget her
I have had enough of all this thinking
But I will refrain from any drinking
That would drown out the pain inside my head
I want you to hear all that I have said

The truth will always see the day
My deepest secrets will be confessed
No matter how much I pray
My greatest fears will be addressed
Every truth and every blemish
Make us who we are deep down
And these we must learn to cherish
Before we’re buried in the ground

My life’s an act, it’s always been
But the truth I will not suppress
In silence we suffer, I must come clean
I am depressed


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  1. jadekmoore says:

    I really like this, and I especially like the ending, when you do finally admit what it is that has been causing you all the pain you write about. I remember keeping something a secret. I wasn’t exactly in denial about it, but when I said it out loud (or at least expressed something out loud related to it) I started crying, because I’d finally let it out. I didn’t expect to react the way I did, but I think that just reinforces how strong emotions can come from telling the truth about how we feel.

    1. M_McKeen says:

      Thank you! I felt it was important to include that as an ending. I can’t quite describe the feeling when I first admitted the truth. I was the same. I felt so much relief after being honest about how I was feeling. My friends are amazing. And I think that’s true too! Ever since I’ve been an advocate for telling the truth, I think people respect you more for it. Being authentic.

      1. jadekmoore says:

        I know a big part of my anxiety has been a struggle to be absolutely honest. Not in a way that I am a liar, but in a way that I found it hard to just be clear about the things I was feeling. I would pretend I wasn’t feeling those things, or I’d try my best to avoid them. Ultimately this stressed me out way too much and gave me a whole world of anxiety on top of everything. I definitely thing honesty should always be at the forefront of any problem, no matter how hard it might sometimes be.

      2. M_McKeen says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more! And I can relate to what you’re saying. I’m no way near as honest as I want to be. There’s always some stuff that I keep to myself initially at first. I think it over and prepare myself for the different possible reactions. Sometimes I feel we just have to wait a while for a better opportunity to speak openly. We have to choose the right moment, but that doesn’t mean we wait forever. Though I tend to be quite economical with the truth in all honesty. Anyway that’s how I feel. I much prefer to know that I’m not holding anything back from them.

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